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  • Loosening the Noose

Loosening the Noose




We all enter a relationship with our own set of expectations for the relationship, and it doesn't take long to have those expectations challenged. We act and react to one another based upon a predetermined set of beliefs that are built upon relationship assumptions we have made due to life experience. And some, perhaps many, of our assumptions are false, which leads to confusion and disappointment.

No matter the assumption, the possibility of our relationship flourishing or diminishing rests in the person's willingness to identify the underlying false assumptions and then make room for the assumptions to be redefined. When we refuse to do so, it is as though we tighten a noose around the relationship and begin to choke it off.

To free our relationships to be all God wants them to be, we must loosen the noose with the truth of God's Word, allowing the life of the relationship to become enhanced, interesting, and enjoyable!